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Aaron Hanna

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[display_age_from_date birthdate="1988-07-17"]

Aaron Hanna Height

73 in

Aaron Hanna Weight

215 lb

Aaron Hanna Country

United States

Aaron Hanna Croosfit box

CrossFit Westchase

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Introduction to Aaron Hanna

Aaron Hanna is a name synonymous with dedication, strength, and perseverance in the CrossFit community. As a seasoned CrossFit Games athlete, supportive husband, loving father, and co-owner of CrossFit WestChase in Tampa, FL, Aaron embodies the spirit of CrossFit both inside and outside the gym. His journey through the ranks of CrossFit athletes and his role as a gym owner offer an inspiring story of success, challenges, and community building.

Early Life and Background of Aaron Hanna

While specific details about Aaron Hanna’s early life are not widely publicized, his ascent in the world of CrossFit speaks volumes about his background in athleticism and dedication. Originating from the United States, Aaron has utilized his passion for fitness to not only excel personally but also to foster a thriving community around him.

Aaron Hanna’s CrossFit Journey

Aaron’s CrossFit journey is marked by significant achievements and continuous improvement. Competing at a high level for several years, Aaron has shown remarkable consistency and excellence. His participation in the CrossFit Open over the years showcases a trajectory of relentless pursuit of fitness, with notable placements such as 56th worldwide in 2021 and consistently strong performances in team quarterfinals and regional competitions. Aaron’s dedication to CrossFit extends beyond personal competition; as a co-owner of CrossFit WestChase, he is deeply invested in the growth and success of the CrossFit community in Tampa, FL.

Competitive Achievements of Aaron Hanna

Aaron Hanna’s competitive resume is impressive, highlighting his prowess and dedication to the sport of CrossFit. His performances at the CrossFit Games, including a 12th place finish as an individual in 2015 and strong showings with his team in subsequent years, underscore his elite status. Aaron’s achievements at the Atlantic Regional, with top finishes and event wins, further demonstrate his competitive edge and ability to perform under pressure. His benchmark stats, including a back squat of 450 lb, clean and jerk of 365 lb, and a Fran time of 2:14, speak to his strength and conditioning.

Personal Life of Aaron Hanna

Off the competition floor, Aaron leads a fulfilling life as a husband and father, valuing family above all. His role as a gym owner is not just about business; it’s about creating a welcoming space for athletes of all levels to come together and push their limits. Aaron’s philosophy of “walking the walk” by consistently doing what’s necessary, as shared in interviews, reflects his approach to both life and fitness. His commitment to his family, business, and the CrossFit community is a testament to his character and dedication.

Aaron Hanna is more than just an athlete; he is a pillar in his community, demonstrating what it means to live by the principles of CrossFit. Through his achievements, leadership, and personal life, Aaron continues to inspire those around him to strive for excellence in all aspects of life.

Aaron Hanna benchmarks

Squat: 450 lb
Clean: 365 lb
Snatch: 280 lb
Deadlift: 500 lb
Fran: 134 s
Grace: 90 s
Helen: 466 s
Sprint 400m: 55 s
Fight Gone Bad: 433 reps

Aaron Hanna stats

Open 202378899%169449Men
Open 2022108399%154815Men
Open 20215699%137461Men
Open 202014099%133874Men
Open 201914299%195562Men
Atlantic 20181172%40Men
Open 201810099%227562Men
Atlantic 20171172%40Men
Open 201713999%214519Men
Atlantic 20161074%39Men
Open 20169499%178510Men
Games 20151270%40Men
Atlantic 2015295%40Men
Open 20153299%153272Men
South East 2014882%46Men
Open 201423599%80284Men
South East 20132547%48Men
Open 201338999%52169Men

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