Trinidad and Tobago

Lyndsay Murray Profile Picture

Lyndsay Murray

Early Life and Background of Lyndsay Murray Details about Lyndsay Murray’s early life and background are not widely publicized. She has made her mark primarily through her participation in CrossFit competitions, representing Trinidad and Tobago. Her journey into the world of CrossFit and her dedication to the sport has made her a notable athlete within …

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Mattheaus Otero Profile Picture

Mattheaus Otero

Early Life and Background of Mattheaus Otero Mattheaus Otero, hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, has made significant strides in the CrossFit community. His journey into CrossFit began from a foundation of discipline and a passion for fitness, which has propelled him from local competitions to the global stage. Mattheaus Otero’s CrossFit Journey Otero’s CrossFit journey …

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