Oana Catalina Chelmus Profile Picture

Oana Catalina Chelmus

Early Life and Background of Oana Catalina Chelmus Born in Romania in 1987 and residing in Genzano di Roma, Italy, from a young age, Oana Catalina Chelmus exhibited remarkable motor-coordination skills as a child. She invested her early years in Artistic Gymnastics, laying a strong foundation for her athleticism. Her journey was not just about …

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Severin Irimia Profile Picture

Severin Irimia

Introduction to Severin Irimia Severin Irimia, a distinguished name in the CrossFit community, embodies the spirit of determination and excellence. With a commendable journey from bodybuilding to becoming a CrossFit coach and athlete, Severin has made significant strides in the world of fitness. His passion for CrossFit is not just about personal achievement but also …

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