Jessica Borg Ghigo Profile Picture

Jessica Borg Ghigo

Introduction to Jessica Borg Ghigo Jessica Borg Ghigo is a name that resonates within the CrossFit community, not just for her athletic prowess but also for her inspiring life story. As a pharmacist, personal trainer, nutritionist, and devoted mother, Jessica’s journey through CrossFit is a testament to her dedication, resilience, and passion for fitness and …

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Daryl Borg Profile Picture

Daryl Borg

Introduction to Daryl Borg Daryl Borg is a notable figure within the CrossFit community, representing Malta with dedication and remarkable skill. His journey through CrossFit has seen him compete at both national and international levels, showcasing the spirit of perseverance and excellence that CrossFit embodies. Early Life and Background of Daryl Borg While specific details …

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