Sanna Venäläinen Profile Picture

Sanna Venäläinen

Early Life and Background of Sanna Venäläinen Sanna Venäläinen, a dedicated CrossFit athlete, hails from Kouvola, approximately 120 km from Helsinki, and now resides in Vantaa. Her journey into physical fitness began at a young age, transitioning from track and field and cross-country skiing to CrossFit. Sanna’s educational background includes studying Sport and Health Sciences, […]

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Emilia Leppänen Profile Picture

Emilia Leppänen

Introduction to Emilia Leppänen Emilia Leppänen, a name synonymous with determination and excellence in the CrossFit community, has made a significant mark on the sport. Representing Finland, Emilia’s journey through CrossFit is a testament to her hard work, resilience, and undying passion for the sport. From overcoming injuries to standing atop podiums, her story is

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Henrik Haapalainen Profile Picture

Henrik Haapalainen

Introduction to Henrik Haapalainen Henrik Haapalainen is a prominent figure in the CrossFit community, known for his impressive performances in CrossFit competitions worldwide. His journey from a skateboarder to a CrossFit athlete illustrates his dedication and passion for the sport. Early Life and Background of Henrik Haapalainen Originally a skateboarder, Henrik Haapalainen made a significant

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Jonne Koski Profile Picture

Jonne Koski

Early Life and Background of Jonne Koski Born and raised in Pori, Finland, Jonne Koski’s athletic journey began with a passion for swimming. He started swimming at the age of 6 and competed in short to middle distances in freestyle and butterfly. Koski’s talents in the pool were evident, as he secured nearly 15 medals

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