Aya Fouad Profile Picture

Aya Fouad

Early Life and Background of Aya Fouad Aya Fouad’s journey into the world of athletics began long before she made a name for herself in CrossFit. A former track and field national champion in javelin throw and a rugby player for Alex Rugby Club, Fouad’s diverse athletic background set the stage for her future success. …

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Pasent Medhat Profile Picture

Pasent Medhat

Early Life and Background of Pasent Medhat Pasent Medhat’s journey into the world of CrossFit is a tale of discovery and determination. Originating from Oman, Pasent embarked on her CrossFit adventure towards the end of 2014, seeking an alternative to the monotony of traditional gym routines. This quest for a new challenge led her to …

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Mohamed Elomda Profile Picture

Mohamed Elomda

Early Life and Background of Mohamed Elomda Mohamed Elomda’s early life and background details are not extensively documented in public records. However, it is known that he hails from Egypt, a fact that is significant in his journey as he represents his country on international platforms. His dedication to CrossFit and the sport’s ethos is …

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